Huawei x Leica powered P10's Camera Chops Are Fire

The Huawei x Leica partnership was probably the best thing to happen to the smartphone brand because it's the first time in all my years of using iPhones that I've been intrigued to try out an Android mobile. After using the phone for two weeks, I can confirm that the risk has paid off. Armed with a great dual-camera with ample creative features and manual modes that don't require any advanced knowledge of photography, I've enjoyed testing the Huawei P10 a great deal. 

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In my line of work I have to take images throughout my day and oftentimes one does not have one's trusty DSLR on hand in those special moments of photographic genius, so having a Leica developed smartphone camera meant I could still get the quality and depth I need in my candid snaps. After seeing the global launch campaign where Huawei worked with well known black and white photo artist Stu Robertson, I wanted to have a go and see what the deal was with the P10. I'm not sure if the P in the P series stands for Photography but the camera alone on the Huawei P series (as experienced with this P10) is enough to enter the phone into my "must-try/sample or buy" gadgets.




While I might know exactly how many megapixels my DSLR camera has, this detail has never been relevant to me with my iPhone 7 plus, because that's what it's always been to me, mere detail, but after testing the P10 I can rattle off specs like Leica Dual Camera 2.0 with 12MP color sensor and a 20MP monochrome one, optical stabilization, features 4-in-1 autofocus, hybrid 2x zoom, 3 point champagne dispenser and...well maybe I made up the last one. The point is the manual modes the phone comes with give you a nice sense of control as if you're using a proper camera, that being said they haven't forgotten about the "gram" is life. Huawei has also beefed up the all too overused front camera with a new selfie camera powered by Leica with its own Portrait mode. The last bit of detail will have beauty bloggers spazzing out from over excitement.


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Semi-pro users know that all the dual-cameras we've been given from smartphone producers have failed to make the depth effect look totally believable, but the P10's enhanced wide aperture mode helps the dual-lens camera to create stunning and natural-looking bokeh effects - which is essential. It wasn't until I wanted to enter a picture into a competition and had to trawl through the App Store looking for an app to allow me to add text/date/location/time as a watermark on the image that I realized the P10 comes with this feature already built in - see images I've taken with the phone where I have used this convenient feature.

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It's a smartphone from one of the leading reputable manufacturers, so the phone does all other necessary functions well but, at this level, this is to be expected - where the P10 excels is with the sleek design and the awe striking camera and related capabilities.



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