Why did you become a designer? 

Ive always been a creative person, as a child I was always making strange gadgets or drawing and painting. Studying Product Design refined my "primitive childlike gadget making skills" into being able to design an idea in my mind into something physical. The transition from Product Designer to Illustrator was quite organic in its own way though. I became frustrated with sitting behind a laptop all day doing Auto Cad, or renderings, and started painting for myself. I enjoyed the tactile feeling of working with paper, of making brush strokes and mixing colors by hand.


How would you describe your work and influences? 

Innocent, simple and sensitive. I like playing with different themes, colors and shapes though, depending on how I'm feeling. A lot of my influences inadvertently come from nature and plants and the small everyday moments and observations. My memory doesnt awalys serve me so well, so I always carry around my sketchbook and doodle the things that I find interesting.

What is your biggest design career moment?

Working on the Temple of Reason collection was actually one of the highlights of my illustration career this year. I really enjoyed interpreting the themes of Summer using various elements and a lot of color. It was a new challenge doing Illustrations for textile design, and I became so curious at each stage of the process as to what the final designs would look like. 


Who are your top three Instagram accounts for visual inspiration?

I follow Illustrator Kate Pugsley's Instagram quite avidly. She has this way of making me feel like I am diving into a bowl of pastel colored, patterned sweets that fill all my metaphorical illustrator cravings - @katepuglsey.

I really like organic forms and curves too, Waif Things Instagram captures that so beautifully, her whole gallery is like an editorial in a magazine that I "page through" daily - @waif_things.

There are a few painters on Instagram that I also feast my eyes on every now and then.  I love to browse through Painter Emma Gales account. There's something about the imperfections of her work and her rough brush strokes that I really gravitate towards when I feel like I become to precise in my illustrations - @emmagale_artist.


Where would you go on your next dream holiday and why?

To walk the highlands of Ethiopia through all the remote villages and really getting a deeper glimpse into a simpler life and culture. I'm also incredibly curious about Asia. I'd love to explore Mongolia or Nepal and experience their culture and language firsthand.


What do you miss most about South Africa?

The smell, the sounds and the light in the Bushveld.

Who are your favorite South African artists? Music. Fashion. Art. Digital. etc 

Joy Smith is a dear friend of mine who is also an immensely talented musician and all round creativeShe has such infectious passion in what she does, I admire her so much for that. I'm also totally in awe of Painter Alexia Vogel. She creates these incredibly dreamy paintings using really exciting color combinations.  I've also always been inspired by Illustrator slash painter Katrin Coetzer. Her work is like an array of beautiful little trinkets and gems. She manages to capture simple moments and stories so delicately with gouache, watercolor and collage medium.

Tell us about living in Berlin. What are your favorite spots?

Berlin is a really special place, sometimes it's hard to find the best words to describe it, but "Home" is probably the right one .  Our apartment is quite small, so we spend a lot of time in the public spaces of the city.  I love sitting on the grass or under the trees by the canal in Kreuzberg. I often meet friends for Pizza and a beer on Admiralsbrücke, where on a sunny day, is brimming with people playing music, reading or just hanging around