Temple of Reason collaborated with illustrator Tara Deacon for our second collection. Tara aptly chose the charity Second Chances for us to donate a percentage of our profit to. It was fantastic to meet and chat with Pam Green, the wonder woman who changes lives. 

second chacnes 01 

Pam started Second Chances two years ago - initially a charity that helped the helpless, she has now grown Second Chances into a sustainable charity where people can make a difference for themselves and pay it back to help others. Currently only operating in Johannesburg, people who no longer have use for old clothes, kitchen items and household items can donate their belongings to entrepreneurs in the program to sell for a profit. There are 16 entrepreneurs involved in the program and they pay approximately R500 per bag, and this bag in turn is sold for around R1000. This means that the entrepreneur earns about R500 profit, if not more, per bag. The entrepreneurs sell the items in their locations providing another retail option for people in the community. 

 Second Chancess 20

Second Chances recently had a young girl referred to the program by her dad. She had struggled for so long to find a job and her self confidence was really low. She joined the program, started to make some money and very quickly became her old self again, and was motivated to start looking for work. She soon found a job and is happy working there. Second Chances is not just an income opportunity, but an empowerment program - it strengthens, empowers and builds individuals to their full potential. 


South Africans living in Johannesburg who would like to donate items should please contact to see how they can get involved. or follow them on facebook