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Tara Deacon is a South African Designer and Illustrator , who originally trained as an Industrial and Product Designer at the University of Johannesburg.

After an unforeseen and rather sporadic move to The Netherlands, followed by Berlin, Germany, she found herself doodling, sketching and painting more than ever before. Spending hours behind a laptop in auto cad or Photoshop began to inspire her to return to a more tactile medium of paints and paper.

The weird and wonderfulness of nature, flowers and plants is a theme she often explores in her illustrations. Her memories as a child playing in the garden and planting flowers with her mother evoke a sense of nostalgia, naivety and sensitivity ( and a fun and silly element)) in her hand illustrations. Her favorite mediums to work in are  watercolor, gouache and ink.

She has worked in the field of Furniture design, graphic design, print Illustration, textile design and advertising. 

Her dream job would be  to collaborate with her sister , A Preschool teacher living in New York, to write and Illustrate a children's book and get her foot in the door of publication and editorial illustration

She is currently based in Berlin, Germany but often daydreams of the vast open dry plains and smell after a summer thunderstorm in her home town of Pretoria.

second chances

Second Chances is a Non Profit Organisation that creates sustainable social uplifment in the form of employment, sobriety, education and sponsorships. 

#SecondChances highlights the daily struggles of unemployment, addiction, hopelessness and the cycle of abuse. It reminds us that our circumstances need not be permanent, but that with a helping hand, perseverance and hard work, people can successfully get their second chance.


BLANDAT was founded in 2013 by Dutch designer Debby van der Veer-Boer, a graduate of KABK in The Hague, The Netherlands. 

Through the years, Debby has used her talents in a range of different working environments, from television to graphic design & illustration.  Working in the clothing industry brought experience with design, production & marketing. 

After moving to Johannesburg with her family in 2012, she decided to start her own label. This is where all the disciplines that Debby had come to master throughout the years came together and blended as one. With BLANDAT she decided to create a small print orientated brand that is based in South Africa. 

BLANDAT is the Swedish word used to describe a mix of materials, colours and techniques. Literally translated, it means ‘mixed’ in all its ways. This term represents the essence of the brand; the prints are characterised by hand drawn illustrations with the always-visible pencil strokes, combined with many textures. 

Designs are often about playing with contrasts and meanings. The graphics frequently hold a hidden meaning. They are a place where nice and nasty come together. Then again, some designs are purely aesthetical and graphical. Textures found on the street, in nature, patterns of daily life, mixed together to become BLANDAT. 

The illustrations are drawn by hand, inspired by Africa, crafts and the textures of everyday life. In every print whether it is an art print or an all-over print, the pencil is the start. 

Orange Babies South Africa is part of the Dutch Orange Babies Charitable Foundation, organized around a single purpose – to transform the lives of women and children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa. The ultimate hope is to help achieve an HIV-free generation. Since 1999 Orange Babies has translated this hope into saving thousands of lives. They have also assisted in drastically improving the quality of life for scores of others. This has been achieved by partnering with, and providing financial support to, carefully selected organisations in South Africa, Namibia, and Zambia that directly assist the most vulnerable communities in these countries.